Concepts and Steps to Be Followed in Self Publishing and Useful Tips on Self Publishing


Self publishing is the process of publishing one’s own work or material without the intervention of a third person like publishing house. Here the owner or author of books is solely responsible for all activities concerning the publishing of the book. The author would control various activities like designing the cover of the book, arranging the pages in order, fixing the price for the book, delivery, sales and public relations etc.

Sometimes the author would outsource these activities to a reliable outsourcing company which provides these services. In the early days the author who is self publishing his book faced many problems like investing huge sums of money in buying bulk copies and in locating a proper place to stock the books. But nowadays after the arrival of Print-on-demand skill, the author would advertise his work in a different medium and it is sufficient could print the book only when he receives a demand from the medium. This concept eases him to save a considerable amount of money and avoid problems in storing his books.

Concept of Print on Demand and its benefits

The main concept of Print on Demand is that the cost is related to print only one copy of a book is fixed irrespective of the quantity of the order. The setup costs are also less expensive when compared to offset printing. The main benefits of Print on Demand concept are:

• Technical arrangement is faster

• No need to keep the books in stock.

• Decreases the storeroom and maintenance costs.

• Situation of unsold books would not arise

The steps to be followed while self publishing

Through a confined copier

Get ready to face issues – Self Publishing a book requires a lot of inventiveness and constrains. You should be ready to face disappointments or dissatisfaction in bringing out your book to the public. Your only aim is to publish your work on your own efforts and you should get rid of all the issues you are facing along the way of self publishing.

Valid Reasons – While self publishing your book you must have valid reasons for your desire to publish your book on your own efforts. You must also aware of the reason about fixing the cost of the book. If you think that the reasons you possess are genuine, then proceed further.

Edit your work – Before self publishing your book proofread the work, make corrections in your work. If possible you could give a copy of your book to your trustworthy friends and get their review on the work. If you feel genuine in their suggestions make appropriate corrections in your work.

Provide a good title – Provide a catchy title of your book to attract people to buy your book on seeing the title itself. Initially only the title of your book alone would drag the customers towards your book.

Copyright your work – When you are self publishing your work you claim for copyright your book clearly either at the front or back cover of the book or in a well-known location of your book. Follow the legal procedures in claiming the copyright by filling up of necessary copyright application forms. Claiming for would save your book from the plagiarist.

Through a website

There are numerous online publishers who will publish your work in the print format or eBook format at free of cost. You have to pay them only when you sell your book

You are required to set up a program to upload your copy and have a control on it. Digitize the contents of your book using Microsoft word or pages if it is not done previously. There are several self publishing websites providing these services and you can make use of those sites.

While self publishing your work through online give an attractive title to your book to the sales. Also Edit your work and make necessary corrections before publishing online.

Upload your finished book. After the editing work is completed, choose a design for the cover for your book, the cost of the book and the type of the book. Once you complete all these works your book is ready for publishing and you would become a self published author.

Useful Tips on self publishing

Before your book is going for the printing process, get a proof of your book. If you want to change the appearance of the book, you change it before paying for the total copies.

Engage an expert proofreader to proofread your book. This avoids in getting a bad name for your work because of the mistakes in your presentation. Provide brief descriptions to your book to attract customers.

The promotion of sales of your book is mainly depends on the way of providing wide publicity for your book. Publicity is the main key to promote the sales of any product.

While purchasing a book, customers used to watch the front cover, back cover and the table of contents of the book. You can even hire a graphic artist to make these pages attractive to get good dividends.

List your book on self publishing sites like and include your comments to ensure that the book is precise, well written and free of grammar errors. This makes the customers to make a decision to buy your book. Provide two copies of your book to for scanning and made obtainable on the search feature.

For Marketing is the central activity of any product that the people understand and buy the product, you can market your book through press releases, article and websites etc.

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